Everything is connected

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a conversation with many similarities to the talking we do in other relationships.  On key difference is that in therapy, it is our words and our experience that is first and center. For some people, it can be a process to get used to being the center, but that’s okay.  This is part of what therapy helps with.

How long does therapy take?

Changing the things that matter to us, things of personal significance, tends to take time. And when we are gripped with pain or anxiety we want it gone asap!  But, much like we have speed limits for the road, our feelings give us speed limits too.

What is an Obstacle?

Anxiety, negative thoughts, troubles in love, are types of psychological obstacles. By talking about them, be it a awful feeling, a difficult relationship or challenging situation, helps to loosen things up so you can get free to move forward.

How does therapy help?

Therapy is a help built around talking. Talking about what’s on your mind and in your heart. The best way to find out if talking can be of help to you and your situation is to schedule a consultation to discuss it.

How do I know what to talk about?

Start anywhere you like, the beginning the end, the middle. There are no rules or demands. Talk when you have something to say. Wait until you do.

I do not see how talking about my problems will change anything.

Having a problem is not wrong. It is not a moral failing. Problems, especially those that cause pain, need to be heard and understood. It is the only way to try to see what it is about.

I’m afraid that I will become dependent on therapy.

Fear of depending on therapy is related to getting stuck in something forever. Depending is important in order to get help. Yet we do not want to become stuck in something that is not helpful because we fear leaving. You can leave therapy anytime you want.

I’m afraid that therapy will bring up difficult things from my past that I don’t want to talk about.

We do not have to, nor should we, talk about anything we don’t want to. We talk about things when and if we feel ready. We go at our pace, in our own time, without being held to any agenda but our own.

I doubt that therapy can change my pattern of failed relationships.

Uncertainty and doubt are forms of self care. Having doubts allow us to wait to see some evidence that change is possible. Caution and skepticism is healthy and to be respected. For example, what if we’ve tried therapy before and felt dissatisfied when after some time, we returned to the same old patterns or struggles.