Life revolves around relationships & what goes on (& doesn’t) between people. Learning how to navigate communication breakdowns builds genuine closeness and connection.
Fears and worries can act like road blocks, keeping us safe from being seen and heard. Therapy offers a way to understand and separate from anxious making difficulties.

Feeling sad, mad, or bad is not a crime, yet stigma’s exist that collide with our innermost truths. Therapy helps us gain emotional flexibility and freedom to be.

Growing Ourselves

The goal of therapy is to gain relief from psychological pain. To achieve this we talk of what’s been happening. Therapy helps us gain clarity and come to new understandings. We can actively see we are progressing and changing. The things we learn about ourselves begin replacing our old ways of reacting to pain and distress. Real and lasting changes made in therapy are akin to developing a muscle that makes you sturdier and stronger.

Many of us are fortunate to have well meaning family members and many good friends with whom we can talk and celebrate the good times. Yet, sometimes there appears in our lives a line or point that needs the kind of hearing that even our dearest relationships cannot provide. Therapy is a supportive conversation that helps us to gain understanding and relief.
Feel free to call me. I am happy to speak by phone so we can see if I can be of help or not. Alternatively, send an email and I will reply.

Reasons for Seeking Therapy

  1. To understand why you do the things you do
  2. To understand more about who you are
  3. To learn or change something about yourself.


Starting points

Psychotherapy helps to break free of the holds that bind, like:

Feeling lost
Isolation or Loneliness
Relationship struggle
Embarrassing or unexplained bodily issues
Family of origin
Sexual difficulty without an organic cause

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