Life revolves around relationships & what goes on (& doesn’t) between people. Therapy helps you learn to navigate difficulties and connect more securely.
High and prolonged states of anxiety interfere with sleep, rest, activity, relationships, speaking and enjoyment. Therapy helps you to take control of your symptoms and change.

Hurt, guilt, shame can become constant weights and powerful emotional forces to overcome on your own.  With support you can tame the harsh and grow the positive.

Grow From Your Suffering

To find relief from personal difficulties means taking a look at what’s happening. The tricky thing about it is that difficulties tend to come hitched to unpleasantness and unpleasure. It’s clearly much more appealing to us to balance ourselves by looking towards the cheerful. But sometimes the niggly issues can get past the cheerful and cause us difficulty anyway.

It isn’t necessary to wait until the unpleasant becomes unbearable but it’s not wrong to wait either. Dealing with difficulties is something that is hard for us all. What helps make it bearable to work on, is when we have the company of a kind and interested person. Maybe it’s a warm hearted family member, or maybe a long-time friend you can confide in. But sometimes even the closest and dearest people in our lives can’t help in the way we need. Therapy can be the help you have been longing for.

Call to discuss your situation and set up an appointment to change things.

Reasons for Seeking Therapy

  1. You find yourself suffering more often.
  2. Your efforts to solve or change aren’t enough.
  3. Something about your pain doesn’t make sense.
  4. You have a question about yourself.


Starting in Therapy

Psychotherapy helps people with a wide range of issues.   Whatever it is that causes you pain right now, there is no wrong way or place to begin speaking about it in therapy. You may find one of the following issues speaks to you. Or, you may have your own unique way of naming your distress.

Feeling lost
Bad feelings, self criticism
Being a yes person
Relationship stress
Difficulty being loved
Embarrassing bodily issues
Fear of rejection
Family of origin issues
Sexual difficulty without an organic cause

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