Life revolves around relationships & what goes on (& doesn’t) between people. Learning how to navigate communication breakdowns builds genuine closeness and connection.
Fears and worries can act like buffers, keeping us safe from being seen and heard. Therapy offers a way to overcome and transform the anxious-making situations.

Feeling sad, mad, or bad is human, yet social stigma’s can silence our innermost truths. Therapy helps us get in touch, to speak, grow, and become better.

Growing Ourselves

The goal of therapy is to gain relief from internal distress. Oftentimes, the difficulties we experience are something to do with a person or situation that we are involved with.  The stress and burden of these predicaments  can create  a host of uncomfortable symptoms ranging from distressing anxiety and frustration to skin irritations and muddled thinking.

There are, in my experience, two main reasons that it is hard or even impossible, to solve psychological difficulties alone. 1. they are often more demanding and complicated than we imagined and 2. we are in the middle of it so our objectivity becomes skewed.

Yet, despite this, we often trudge on tirelessly, believing that it is on us to fix it, and, of course, we should be able to do it. It isn’t true but it feels it. Therapy, on the other hand, is a type of help that aligns with us, as an ally, to help us attend to our impinging difficulties, so that we can gain strength and navigate forward, becoming more ourselves in the process.

Therapy is a different relationship

Many of us are fortunate to have kind and respectful family members and friends who we can call on in the down times and the good times. Yet sometimes, there appears in our lives an event or situation that is different, something that requires the kind of hearing that even our dearest relationships cannot provide. Therapy is separate from of our lived lives yet potentially able to influence our lived lives, for the better. To learn more about whether I might be of  help, call me today.

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